Sunday, October 13, 2013


     On Wednesday, 9th of October, 10 of us attended the SHPE professional meeting at Raytheon. It is always amazing to attend these type of meetings because before the meeting, we have a tour of the company. This time, they allowed us into their lab in which they were developing a ship simulator. They didn't allowed any pictures, of course, but it was literally inside a ship's command deck. There were about 10 big screens on the wall that simulated the outside of a ship, and they were running a ship simulator on those screens. They allowed me to sit in those comfortable chair and enjoy the "ride". 

     After all the Q's and A's, we went into the conference room. we talked about what every SHPE chapter has been doing so far in the semester, as well what future plans we all have. we have done so far: one taco sale, two professional meetings, plans for outreach, and happy people in our meetings. 

     Please remember, you are always welcome to our SWC meetings, but if you're really interested in SHPE, you should get the SHPE membership for only $10 a year. They allow you to attend conferences and several other events. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

San Diego County Body Meeting

Yesterday September 23rd , 2013 The County of San Diego's Dept. of Public Works and Dept. of General Services provide a tour of the county's Clairemont Mesa campus and it was hosted hour first general body meeting of the 2013-2014 year along with the other student chapters. The County of San Diego's departments presented the engineering and technical careers available. Opportunities for all civil, structural, electrical, chemical, mechanical, construction and other related majors were offered and explained, as well internships opportunities. SHPEmates

Friday, September 13, 2013

    This semester, we have a lot of changes. Our previous president, and most officers, either transferred or cannot attend the meetings. This semester, Ricardo Valle is the new president of SHPE Southwestern College. This morning, we had our first chapter meeting with the new organization.

    If you are a new reader and you’re wondering what is SHPE, then let me illustrate. The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers is a non-profit organization originally founded in Los Angeles, CA. by a group of engineers. By becoming a member, you get a chance to participate in challenges, conferences, access to internships, and most importantly, networking. It’s very important to let yourself be known in the professional environment. This will introduce you to the people who are interested in hiring new engineers.

    In our first meeting, we talked about SHPE and the upcoming events. The “Walk on Water competition” is the one coming up. Also, in October, the SHPE National conference is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more info on the conference please looks at the link on the right sidebar.

    The ”Walk on Water competition” will take place in our main campus. Teams build shoe-sized boats out of mostly recyclable materials with the goal of walking from one end of the SWC pool to the other. There are several prizes, judged by speed, creativity, and best use of recycled materials. We organized 3 teams in the first meeting. If you are interested, contact us at so that we can have one or two teams and good representation in this important competition.  

    The Indianapolis trip, which costs $250, if you register by 09/25/13, includes hotel, food, and transportation to the venue. You also need to add transportation cost to Indianapolis. Depending on the circumstances, you may get the $250 refund. In the conference you’ll attend several workshops, networking events, and spend 4 days in the beautiful city of Indianapolis. It is worth the experience.

     Professional meetings are a big part of SHPE. The first professional body meeting of this fall semester, hosted by the County of San Diego, is where you get to meet professionals and other SHPE students around the county.  You’ll get a chance to network, get a tour around the facilities, and wear elegant clothes for a few hours.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last General Body Meeting of the Semester (5/16/2013)

We will be having our last general body meeting of the semester on Thursday, 5/16, in room 201 at 11:00 am to review and summarize all successful events and activities of the spring semester. Pizza will be provided!

We had a successful last taco sale of the semester (5/7/2013).
Thank you so much for your support!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Taco Sale of the Semester (5/7/2013)

We will be having our last taco sale of the semester on Tuesday, May 6, in front of the Academic Success Center (room 420) and Jason’s Courtyard from 10am-2pm.
Come and have some tacos before they are gone for the semester!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

SHPE San Diego 31st Annual Awards Banquet (5/3/2013)

Last Friday, May 3, 16 members of the Southwestern College Student Chapter attended the 31st Annual Awards Banquet. Sabrina Fein from San Diego's channel 6 joined us to celebrate a great accomplishment as our school was named the best Student Chapter of the year. Our outstanding member increase and student involvement in school activities, outreach events, attendance to professional general meetings, social mixers, and other engineering related activities and events has demonstrated how this student chapter is developing and growing. Southwestern College was recognized during this event in the same way it was recognized when it was awarded the first place of the Region II SHPE Cup. Moreover, scholarships were awarded to two members: Jannie Lee So (Civil Engineering) and Carla Hutchinson (Civil Engineering) acknowledging their exceptional academics and support of SHPE and the community.